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The Reason And The Solution Of The Charging Of The Mobile Phone

Apr 17, 2017

Mobile phone charging more and more reasons

1, the output voltage is insufficient

Some people use the computer USB port to charge the phone, but the computer output voltage and power consumption of less than the standard charge voltage and power, this result is more and less, but also on the phone hardware have a certain impact.

Solution: Do not use the computer's USB port to charge the phone, you should use the original charging head.

2, the network signal

The network signal will also affect the battery power use? This sounds a little nonsensical, but according to the explanation of friends and there is some truth. Old SIM card because of the inevitable use of perennial wear, and wear the SIM card in the signal reception there will be some problems, signal reception problems will lead to mobile phone body is often in the state of network search, causing the battery Power consumption intensified, and ultimately the performance of the battery is not durable.

Solution: a SIM card is best not to use more than two years, timely to replace the new card will be conducive to telephone battery life. In addition, in addition to the new card, choose a signal better network providers can also be a good solution to the problem of excessive power consumption. He said that even if the power consumption of strong models such as iPhone5, if you can do the above two points, but also greatly improve the battery life. For example, he bought a new version of the telecommunications version of the iPhone5 has never encountered a similar problem, compared to other network standard iPhone5 can be used longer, what power is completely no pressure, and even in the subway underground signal blind area still has Good performance, can effectively reduce the power consumption of mobile phones.


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