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With the use of charge, the charger from the electric car

Apr 17, 2017

Sometimes people travel before the discovery of electric car battery power shortage, worried that the destination can not come back after the charger will be in the car, until the destination to charge. This method looks good, but the hidden dangers are also great. Need to explain here, the modern electric car charger mostly switch power supply design, long-term bumps will make its electronic circuit boards and the various components of the crack between the situation, ranging from direct charger can not be charged the situation , The weight will be in the process of charging the battery short circuit, resulting in damage to the battery, and even those who will cause an explosion and fire.

So, at any time to put the charger on the car to charge is not safe, and occasionally once or twice also have to do preventive measures to avoid unnecessary bumps caused by bumps.

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