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How to choose the appropriate equipment for their own charger?

Apr 17, 2017

At present, mobile phone charger mainly travel charger, seat charger and so on.

Travel charger because of its easy to carry, for people who travel frequently is more appropriate, it is generally fast charging, charging time of 2-3 hours.

Block charger is generally designed into a double slot, so that users in addition to the phone is being used on the battery charge, you can also recharge a battery. Therefore, the cradle can charge two batteries at once. Block charger is generally taken trickle charge for the battery charge, charging time travel charger longer than 2-3 hours, about 4-5 hours.

In addition to the above two chargers, in addition to car charger, you can facilitate the user in the car for the phone charge. One end of the car charger into the cigarette lighter, the other end of the phone, but not in the car long-term charge, because the car in the high temperature.

Travel charger and seat charger on the battery charge effect is the same, travel charger on the phone will not have any adverse effects, but the user must confirm when the purchase is the original charger, otherwise, because the charger Charging effect is not good, but not enough battery. In addition, manufacturers now produced the original travel charger and seat charger, the design are used to protect the circuit or switch the road design, the battery charge from the protection, and fake and shoddy charger without protection circuit and shoddy, easy to put the battery Charge bad or even burn the phone. So most of the current mobile phone standard configuration only travel charger, it is recommended to buy seat charger must be careful to avoid the purchase of water cargo cradle.

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