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Blindly use a high charge voltage charger

Apr 17, 2017

Car charger in the use of the process will inevitably be damaged, then people have to buy in the market with a set of almost the same charger to charge the battery. And at this time many people will choose those charging voltage than the national standard charger to a higher number of chargers, because in their view, this can make the battery charge faster and more full, the journey will be longer, in fact, this is A very serious misunderstanding.

Although the speed of charging at the beginning is relatively fast, but with the extension of time will find the battery will appear drum, the capacity becomes smaller, electric car battery life is shortened. Asahi battery specializing in the production of battery field more than 20 years, research and development of the use of the charger current and battery capacity design has a close relationship, it can be said specifically for the battery with a special charger, if the replacement of the charger is likely to cause the battery damage. Therefore, the use of the charger when the best use of the same voltage with the original charger, do not covet the use of two times faster than the original too high charger.

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