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CE Certified 5V 2A Car Charger With Micro USB Cable

Product Details

1) Temperature: -10 0C-+ 55 0C.
2) Storage condition: -20 0C-+ 65 0C.
3) Relative humidity: -0%- 93%.
4) Input: DC12- 24V.
5) Output: 5- 5.5V DC.
6) Current Load: 1000mA-2000mA
 Input: 12V - 24V
7).USB output: USB: 5V/1-2A;
8).This charger adapter compatible with all of call iPhone, iPod, Mp3/Mp4, GPS, DVR and electric appliance.

1.Enjoy full use of them during car trips

2. Lightweight and easy to pack.
3. Built-in charging circuitry to protect.
4. Convenient and essential for people.

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